LED Light Therapy
LED Light Therapy

LED services reveal glowing, radiant skin. A complex interaction of red, blue, and combination lights promotes elasticity, fights breakouts, and minimises the appearance of dark spots.

Ease the signs of ageing in a gentle and effective way with Red LED light, leaving your skin refreshed, luminous, and firm.

Using the combination of red and blue light is the perfect answer to age management and clearing blemishes at the same time. Skin will feel refreshed, clean, and hydrated all at once. 

Brightening products can also be combined with LED to quickly and effectively help ease the appearance of dark spots. 

Blue LED targets blemishes to banish breakouts to reveal clear, lustrous skin 


A course of treatments is recommended, up to 1-3 treatments a week is recommended for maximum results.

Also a great addition to any treatment programme and all skin services.

30 minutes, £55


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